Nutrition Plus

Nutrition Plus is about falling in love with food again.

Instead of complicated meal plans, counting macros or fad diets, we focus on learning how our habits around food are affecting our health and our ability to achieve our goals.


We have found this method is more sustainable and puts you in the driver's seat to save you both time and money!

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Online Coaching

Looking for support but either your location or budget isn't allowing you to see us in person?...We've got you covered!


Never worry about support again as we have been experiencing incredible results with our online training clients.

You receive a personally designed program, weekly check-ins and coaching as well as super easy to follow exercise demonstrations for anytime you feel stuck. 

This is the closest thing to having a 24/7 coach!

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Don’t just accept the baseline, become better than you were before and prevent future pain and injury. Receive the tools and programming to have you reach new levels of function and pain-free performance

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I have been seeing Clarry at Legacy Coaching for around 5 months now. His expertise and knowledge has helped me gain strength and develop healthy habits that are becoming the norm in my day to day life. He has worked around my many sport injuries to allow me to keep training. Clarry has also helped me improve in softball by tailoring exercises to my specific goals. I love the way that the exercises are varied and are scaffolded, building on my achievements as I improve. I don’t get time to lose motivation or get bored. His friendly personality and supportive nature has taken away the anxiety over attending a gym and it’s now become a normal part of my life.


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