Work at home PAIN FREE!

We're back again answering common questions with Director and Head Physiotherapist of Roar Physio, Jack Connelly.

Today we discuss working at home and what you should know to avoid winding up in too much pain or discomfort.


- "Good" posture can cause as much discomfort as "bad" posture. Somewhere in the middle is best.

- The best way to avoid postural pain is to keep moving.

- There is no research to suggest the "ideal posture".

- Don't be afraid to slouch, just be sure to mix it up.

- Exercise is a good way to break it up.

- Ergonomics are great, but they can still cause issues if you don't keep moving.

- Your best posture is your next posture.

Also check out Jack's blog post on posture here.

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