Why "Legacy Coaching"?

So when it came time to starting my own journey and business, I knew what I wanted to do but wasn't sure what to call it. In fact, calling it 'Legacy Coaching' was my third choice but I'm glad it stuck.

Originally, the idea I was sold on came from an episode of "Parks and Recreation". If it weren't for someone getting in before me, I would be Clarry from 'Very Good Personal Training' or 'Very Good Fitness'.

It’s called ‘Very Good Building & Development Co.’ I wanted to convey the quality of our work without seeming flashy.”

I am a fan of Nick Offerman as well as his character Ron Swanson, and this would have been a fun one for me to explain to people. The reference comes from a scene where he explains that he wanted to convey the quality of the work without seeming flashy, which I thought was brilliant.

A fantastic read for those trainers, coachers and teachers alike

My second choice was actually 'Conscious Coaching', but that was no good too because Brett Bartholomew released a very good book at the same time with that same title and I didn't want to piggy back of his work, despite it being such a hit.

This book has consequently become a huge influencer in my work so in all I'm glad to have come across the book and Brett's other resources.

Fortunately, I did some reflecting and came up with something I am quite proud of with Legacy Coaching.

After boiling it down, I figured that creating long lasting results in more than just the physical sense of training is what we are going to be striving to do.

I didn't want to add more to the already saturated market of "Get Fit Quick" products and training options when we know that most of the methods that are promoted this way are a waste of time and money.

Even those who get a result from these methods unfortunately find it to be short term as it is rarely sustainable, causing disappointment when they revert back in to the same habits as before.

The truth is that making sustainable changes to your behaviour ultimately creates positive long-term changes to your health and fitness. It is hard work and a never ending process, and when we treat it as such we change lives.

Once this was established it made both creating a name and decisions about the direction of our work quite easy.

Our logo also ties in to this idea of long lasting growth. Each branch can become another over and over again, representing the way we can impact those around us and help them grow on a similar path. My aim is to teach people well enough that they're then able to explain the concepts to someone else if needed and after chatting with a few people on possible designs, this seemed to fit best.

I want LC to last longer than I will and I want those I work with to have learnt things that have a positive impact on their lives

So, similar to Mr Swanson, I want to convey my work in the name of the business, and I feel Legacy Coaching does just that.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting some help with their health and fitness goals, don't hesitate to say hi by emailing us at

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