Why Am I So Sore After Running?

This week we got Director and Physiotherapist of Roar Physio, Jack Connelly on board to answer some questions we've been getting lately.

Today's question has come from a few sources so hopefully this applies to even more people wanting to know why they're so sore after getting back into running now that the gyms are closed. As we're tackling the May 50k I figured some running related resources were a good place to start!

Now, we are talking about shin and achilles pain in particular but a lot of what is mentioned applies to whole body soreness.

A Recap:

  • Don't be too concerned, but it's best to act on it early.

  • Most of this soreness is likely due to loading issues, meaning we've done a bit too much too soon and our body just hasn't had time to adapt to it yet.

  • In the beginning, spacing your running efforts apart properly can help recover properly, so allow 48 hours between running efforts until you're a bit more conditioned.

  • Learn how to go for an EASY run. It's easier said than done, but can be a game changer, you don't have to feel wrecked after every effort.

  • Tempo runs or Run-Walks or FARTLEK training are a good way to start.

  • Choose your running surface wisely, choose softer over harder where you can.

  • Be kind to yourself! Don't be afraid of rest days and easy days and stay patient.

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