When Does Your Day Really Start?

Ok, so when does your day start?

Does it start before the sun rises, or around noon? When your alarm goes off? When a crying baby decides they need your immediate attention? With just enough time to get out of bed and commute to work?

...Or if you're me, you wake when your dog decides she's ready for breakfast at stupid o'clock and proceeds to scream like one of those goats whilst tapping you in the face until you give it to her.

(I'm not even joking, she has quickly established herself as the alpha).

It doesn't matter too much what your answer is to this because we're going to set you a little challenge for the next 2 weeks to see if this method of priming and prepping helps solidify the habits you're trying to build.

What If Your Day Started the Night Before?

Some of you may occasionally do this already, a common example we see is having your bags packed and waiting for you by the front door the night before an early morning flight or a holiday.

We know it's important that we arrive to the airport on time, and packing a suitcase can be more time consuming than we usually anticipate, especially when you can't quite remember where that last important item is that you really need to bring.

We place a lot of importance on being ready to board, so what we do is plan backwards and prepare so there are no hiccups and less stress prior to stepping in tot the airport and on to the plane.

So why don't we place the sense of importance and subsequent importance on our everyday lives?

Well, if you ask me, we probably should. If we prioritise being prepared for what's coming, we'll perform it at a higher level- even if the only thing you need to do that day is go for a walk. Do you have clean clothes? do you know where your shoes are? What about a hat and sunglasses? Are you going to listen to anything on the walk? Where are your headphones if so?

Taking a moment to clarify tomorrow's purpose and prepare for it give you a higher chance of not just doing it, but doing it well.

The benefits outweigh the costs here for me. If all it takes is me to spend 10 minutes before bed making sure my bag is packed and near the front door, my clothes are set aside in the bathroom and the mug I like to drink from is clean, I think I'm doing ok. In fact I've sat here trying to come up with an excuse for not doing it and right now I'm coming up empty.

If you already use part of your evening to prep for tomorrow, that's awesome, keep doing it!

If you don't, we're challenging you to try it for 2 weeks straight whilst applying the 2 Day Rule to help it stick.

It's a strategy that is so simple and small but has had big effects on how my day begins, so let us know what you notice in doing this too.

The night before is the key to a good morning.

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