Try This Stretch Before You Squat Next!

There's plenty of debate about the necessity of stretching prior to exercise out there in the fitness world. Personally, I lean towards the school of thought that support foam rolling, stretching and proper warm-ups prior to any kind of intense physical exercise.

Today we have one of our favourites in the 'Spiderman Stretch'. This hip-opener is not easy the first time you try it but it is effective, so stick with it! When performed correctly you'll notice some immediate benefits from your efforts here.

A good way to go about this too is to attempt a body weight squat, pause at the bottom of the squat and take notice of how it feels. Then attempt this stretch with the right leg forward first. Once you have completed the right hand side, attempt the squat again and see if you notice any improvement on that side.

This test/re-test method is a good way to learn a bit more about your body and maintain some mindfulness in the way you move and what your limitations are.

As usual, give it a go and feel free to reach out any time for more help at

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