Quarantine Core Exercises pt2

The Hollow Body Press is another favourite in the category of effective core exercises that require little more than some floor space and a shoe.

When things go back to normal, or if you have access to them at home, this can be progressed with the use of progressively heavier weights being pressed in the one hand.

It should be mentioned however that the goal is not to press the heaviest weight as we're not using this to actively improve our pressing abilities. The heavier weight acts as more force that need to resist against to hold our shape whilst performing the movement.

I like this one so much because it acts as an anti-rotation, anti-extension core exercise that allows the lucky person performing it to 'feel' where they're working almost immediately, unlike some other exercises in the anti-core family that are also effective.

As shown in the video below, try working in 3 sets of 8 on each side while balancing a shoe on your fist. It'll surprise you how well a simple balancing trick can tide you over until the weight room reopens and we can lift heavy things again. After you feel as though you have a handle on this, look for things around your home that you could substitute for weight, get creative!

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