My Next 12 Weeks of Training

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

So there's a pretty accurate phrase that gets passed around in my profession that has proven to be very true in my case at times:

"A coach who trains himself has an idiot for a client".

When I happen to follow my own advice for long enough, I'm usually amazed at the results (thank god). Unfortunately, what often happens is that I use my training time to experiment with different ideas that I'm planning on introducing to my client's sessions. This might be different progressions or regressions for a new phase of training, or ways to work around injuries that I need to be aware of. As a strength coach, even though I know exactly why we are doing something, I feel it is necessary for me to fully understand how it feels to perform a a particular exercise or technique prior to me introducing it in a program.

There's nothing wrong with this approach, in fact I'll still be doing it to a degree, but if that's taking up most of your training time then what's really happening is that I'm program-hopping and training for 50 different goals at once and not getting any of them...because they're not mine.

Also, like anyone else, my time to train is limited and I have periods where keeping a routine or maintaining focus and motivation is difficult. Solution? Get myself a coach!

Mitchell Coles. The source of my pain for the next 12 weeks

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Thor) & Sebastion Oreb

The majority of my programs so far have come from some world class strength coaches and their own principles for getting stronger and moving better. They worked great and I learned a lot, but there was a big component missing as I didn't have them here with me whilst I trained to kick me in to gear when I needed it or pull me back when the ego begins to take over. This time I'll be lucky enough to have my coach close by, with Mitch Coles from his business 'Movemnt' (who also operates out of Roar Fitness) to take me through how he goes about getting people stronger.

Mitch has a background in body building and powerlifting and has invested in learning from Sebastion Oreb, who trains some of the strongest lifters in the world (including "the mountain" from Game of Thrones). Personally I'm pretty stoked to be sharing a space at Roar with him as we tend to share similar philosophies when it comes to training, nutrition and the importance of understanding what is good information and what is shit. We also tend to bounce ideas around down in the cafe so for me, having a solid understanding and trust for his process makes it an easy call to make him the CEO of my fitness for the next 12 weeks.

Also, the concept of lineage in the fitness industry is an interesting one. Understanding who a coach learned from, and who that person learned from, and who that person was influenced by and so on is fascinating to me. I'm keen to be learning from a colleague and friend who has a very different background and a pretty exciting lineage.

So, over the next 12 weeks I'm looking forward to seeing how I handle some more time around a barbell, as I've spent a while actively using other methods of loading for my strength training. Following a plan from a coach who understands my schedule and is actually there throughout the day is going to be a cool experience and I fully expect to see some exciting gains in strength to go with it. I'll be documenting how I go on instagram and sharing any newfound knowledge with you once I am done.

If you have any questions about any of the above, or anything else for that matter, email me at and let's get the conversation started!

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