It's 2019!...Now What?

It is now January 3, 2019 and at this moment I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. Last year was massive for me and I'm incredibly grateful for everyone around me who has contributed to such a great time.

As always, the beginning of the year is as good a time as any to reflect on the 12 months just gone and plan ahead for our personal, professional and fitness related goals of the future.

However, a feeling that is familiar to many of us who have completed something in life, is the moment afterwards when the dust settles.

Whether it's that moment when you've just graduated and suddenly there's no class schedule to attend, when you've finished a project to it's entirety and there's nothing more you can add or maybe you've finished your training program and you're looking for your next challenge.

That familiar feeling I am talking about is the moment at the end when you catch yourself thinking, "Now what?".

Ideally, you'll have an idea of what is next for you. However, it is also common to do next to nothing when this moment comes.

Don't get me wrong- doing nothing can be great and is something that I recommend you do occasionally. But sometimes doing nothing for too long makes us question or fear the obvious.

The obvious answers are usually boring and unsexy. They often seems too obvious and we have a tendency to ignore it in search of something better.

The obvious answer, however, is to take action.

I've been caught in this trap too many times, knowing roughly what I want to do but feeling as though I don't know how to get there. This is rubbish.

The common factor many speak about when it comes to many high achievers, from all walks of life, is that they take action and go about doing the obvious things well. Those small 1% items on the list that aren't sexy, that aren't glamorous, that don't often make your newsfeed- they do those things really well and often.

The don't care if it's not sexy or complicated, things that actually work rarely are.

If it's dirty, clean it up. If you want to eat healthier, stop buying junk. If you want to get fitter, start moving.

If you're tired, go to bed earlier.

If you want to read more, open a book.

Be ruthless in 2019, keep it simple and take action.

This is how I plan to take on 2019 as I reflect on what we have done and what I want to achieve in all areas, and it's something I'd challenge you to do also.

So, you tell me...what now?

Do you have any health and fitness related goals you want to reach this year? Take action and contact myself via email at and let's work out what your next step is.

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