A Few Thoughts For Your Friday

-You can’t change your business, your income, your life, your fitness or anything with the same mindset, habits and actions that got you here. Stop doing what got you here and start doing what will take you to the next level. 

-Guard your time the same way you would guard your life. It’s all you have and can never be replaced. When you understand that you only have 24 hours a day to grow your business, enjoy yourself, spend time with family and friend, rest and sharpen the blade – you’ll realise quickly that you’re always faced with a time challenge. I don’t think about negative stuff because I can’t throw my time (life) away on that.

-I read this one online and liked it a lot... "Don’t just focus on the one obstacle or negative. That’s like going to the park and putting your picnic down next to the one pile of dog shit”.

-What’s your goal? Be clear about that – clarity is imperative. Then you can know whether what you’re doing is getting you closer to it or not. Most people don’t know what they want so instead focus all their spare time and energy on what they don’t want. Can you guess what happens then….?

-Keeping the goal the goal is extremely important and requires clarity and dedication that shouldn't be underestimated.

-It’s okay to say no to opportunities that don’t align with your goals. Actually, it's not only okay – it’s vitally important to do so.

-I truly believe and practice the principle of the slight edge. I just need one idea from a book or magazine article to make a difference. As a result I invest in everything in my field.

-First thing to do every morning is read or listen to something positive. Your mind is like a garden – whatever you plant grows. Plant good stuff!

-If you are a trainer and don’t HAVE a trainer, then you don’t believe in what you do. You can defend it all you want but your actions tell a different story.

-Doctors used to smoke. There are clips on youtube of commercials about the cigarette doctors would choose. I wonder what we’re going to look back on in 20 years that we’re doing today and thinking it’s ok right now.

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