The Legacy

LC is about meaningful work and meaningful relationships. We care about the people we work with and do everything we can to make sure they’re set up to lead a life of happiness, health and the ability to share it with those around them.

We are passionate about introducing absolute beginners to fitness as much as we enjoy challenging our most athletic members to achieve new heights. We understand most people don't care about exercise as much as we do, instead they just want to be able to enjoy their time- to that we say, why not both!


Lastly, our amazing community is a big reason why we are able to help so many people achieve amazing things.

- That's our Legacy.

Meet The Team


Clarry Bilston

Head Coach

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Influenced by some of the biggest names in the industry, Clarry has been in the fitness world for over 7 years helping hundreds of people on their first steps to better health. A passion for constantly learning and developing the art of effective coaching is the big driver for creating the kind of service that will yield you the best results.

Outside of the gym however, you're most likely to find Clarry either enjoying time outdoors with the family enjoying some good company, good tunes and a good brew.


Not one to take himself too seriously, you can expect a friendly chat and someone to listen to you always. 


Mitchell Coles

Nutrition Plus Coach

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Mitchell is the Head Coach of MOVEMNT Coaching and collaborator in the creation of Nutrition Plus. After years of seeing many people frustrated with not getting results, or struggling to maintain them. He has dedicated himself towards making change simple, sustainable and less intimidating.


Mitchell takes the time to understand you as a person, is a true professional and a brilliant resource when it comes to coaching you through true behaviour change in order to reach your goals. 

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Jack Connelly


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The director and principal physiotherapist of Roar Physio, Jack combines his experience in field and barbell sports with his Olympic weightlifting and S&C coaching qualifications. 


In conjunction with this, his passion for education and teaching keeps him trawling through the latest and best research for everything injury rehabilitation and strength & conditioning. He works closely with other athletes, coaches and personal trainers to ensure the patients receive the optimal outcome no matter their level.


Our values guide our decision making, they are what we stand for and they are what we expect our team to pass on.


Be a part of something bigger


Do what you say you'll do


Be kind, always


Enjoy the process


Trust is our major currency


Nothing is perfect. F*cking do it.


We take 100% responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.


Humans are not toasters. We are not fixed. We are endless possibility.